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Hi, I'm Sue Kinane and I'd like to welcome you to our website. We are a women owned company. Together, my daughter Erica and I have managed to run a successful business for the past 27 years. We have learned to change with the times and technology. As a full service printing and graphic company, we have expanded our list of services which I will get into shortly.

Our mission is to keep our customers happy and provide service beyond your expectation. We take pride in the services we provide and stand behind our products. After all, we would not have survived had we not kept our customers happy. In addition to printing, graphic design and direct mailing, we have added the following services:

Tee shirts Hats Visors Silk Screening Embroidery
Canvas Photo Prints Banners Lanyards Cups Pads
Tickets Labels and all ink on any paper except newsprint and money!

Advertising Specialty Items (too many to list)

If you don't see what you are looking for, please give us a call 772-288-6580 or email us at info@kinaneprinting.com
Enjoy your visit!

Sue Kinane

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